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Hello Friends!!! Wow this last month has been a whirlwind!! Real Estate is cooking with gas, I’m MOH in my bests wedding, and my 2 year old is getting her molars!!! YAY for me! (I’m pretty sure this is how gray hair is formed) LOL!! I will take the gray hairs and the crows feet.  But seriously Real Estate is on the brink of so many wonderful changes, and I am glad to be a tenured agent in our Valley.

I’ve sold a few investors properties over the last 90 days and they are CASHING IN!! One of my dudes bought his little house for 28,000 YEARS ago, had it rented straight for 10 years, made 3X what he spent in residual income and then just SOLD FOR OVER THREE times what he spent! Making money while he slept, LOL.  I had another that bought a town home for his son, and just a few years later was able to still make a 30% profit!  What a great time to be in the Real Estate game.

I’m still on the fence about what’s to come.  My experience says we must have a market regulator, but the exponential growth and SPACE for URBAN SPRAWL in our valley really poops in my “there’s gonna be another crash” cheerio’s.  I guess we will have to just wait and see.  Until then always know that regardless off where a market goes real estate is the BEST investment.  Have any questions?  Feel free to reach out!


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