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What’s ahead for the Real Estate industry?

With each passing day the market seems to buzz a little louder.  Sellers are making top dollar, and buyers are benefiting from incredible loan programs and low interest rates.

What is to come of our local market?  Well, it can go one of two ways.  Either we continue to have an increase of 6-8% per year until we are like San Diego, or we flounder here in the next year or so.  What I mean by the San Diego concept is that there will be no slump.  As much as real estate tends to have an up swing and then a down swing, we’ve seen in California where there was no stopping the increase, and homebuyers from 10 years ago are capitalizing on an incredible amount of equity.  The other option, which is good for soon to be buyers, is that our market will finally take a downward spiral and plunge.  Either way I will be here to support both sides.  I’m really enjoying helping sellers, who have been under water for a few years, sell for more than what they bought for, or at least close to.  Now buyers are taking a bit more of a risk, especially if purchasing short term.  Again, I am no wizard, but there is no telling what is going to happen over the next couple of selling seasons.

Until next time… Happy House Hunting!


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